Introducing Eskus Summer Residency Artists, vol.1: LAUKKU

”Dreaming of a Perfect Arts House” is an enticing performance that explores the intersection of art and construction processes. The outdoor show is poised to be a highlight of the ten days  residency program for five members of the LAUKKU community, hosted by ESKUS Summer Residency  during the Baltic Take Over Festival which takes place in Helsinki from 7 to 11 of June 2023.

Through an innovative dialogue between artists and builders, the show captures the essence of a 7-hour workday, while exploring the theme of work in art and construction. Each stage of development will be presented in a different passage of creating and building cultural space. During the performance, LAUKKU team aims to explore various needs and constraints through audience interaction.

ESKUS is set to host the final stage of LAUKKU upcoming performance, marking the culmination of a year’s worth of creative effort. This show promises to showcase the hard work and dedication of its creators. The Baltic Take Over Festival in Helsinki will provide the perfect platform for ”Dreaming of a Perfect Arts House” premiere on 9th of June.

The performance structure interprets various stages of the natural process, from preparation to evaluation, execution, and rest, forming the show’s dramaturgy. The choreography is inspired by the functionality of construction, the uncertainty of dreaming, and the changing course of any creative process, by incorporating the specifics of public space, aesthetics, and tastes.

LAUKKU performers strive to create an inclusive structure that combines artists’ autonomy and entitlement to individuality, as well as the ability to be open and cooperate collectively. The performance will be a process of exploration, testing, and finding suitable materials to create an art space that serve the artists.

The means of artistic research used in performance include movement, space, body, objects, materials, video, audio, as well as conversations with builders, clients, creators of art spaces in the private sector, and art consumers, i.e., the viewers. The sonic environment will provide an opportunity to disconnect from the reality of a public venue, creating another time space to dream about grandiose ideas and desires.

The scenography and costume components of the show are prepared from used and second-hand clothes, belongings, and objects, contributing to communal need for sustainability and recycling. LAUKKU plans to collect materials as donations and incorporate attributes from previous projects.

”Dreaming of a Perfect Arts House” promises to be an emotional and immersive performance, engaging the audience in a captivating adventure of building a utopian arts space.

The members of the LAUKKU team in Eskus Summer Residency are Inta Balode, Agate Bankava, Agnese Bordjukova, Ginta Grube and Laima Jansone. Find their bios here.


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