Introducing Eskus Residency Artists, vol. 2: Birta Ásmundsdóttir and Leevi Rauhalahti

Birta’s and Leevi’s collaboration started in 2022, when they worked on Birta’s graduation piece ”birta”, which was later also shown in Reykjavik Dance Festival in November 2022. Interest towards topics such as soft femininity and its relation to power, performing the personal, and popular culture references are at the core of their practice, from which they conjure up material that isn’t afraid of flirting with mediums other than choreography.

In Eskus’ residency, they are going to bring their ideas & interests to the floor, dreaming and researching for a concept of a new stage piece. Encounters in the studio, as well as outside of it will be delicately studied, and used to guide them towards a performative outcome that is accessible for everyone. How is the individual experience amplified through a duet form? How does the binary understanding of gender alienate one from expressing gender fully? What is revealed once the soft levels of femininity are accessed and embraced?


Ragnhildur Birta Ásmundsdóttir (Birta), born 1999, is an Icelandic choreographer and dancer. She received her Bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance practices from Iceland University of the Arts in 2022. Birta has worked professionally as a dancer in various projects since she graduated, as well as a choreographer with pieces performed at Reykjavík Dance Festival, Berlin Indie Film Festival and Tjarnarbíó theater.


Leevi Rauhalahti (b. 2001, he/they) is a Finnish dancer, performer, and choreographer, based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Currently they are studying in Iceland University of the Arts, in BA in Contemporary Dance Practices. Leevi has worked as a dancer and co-creator in various projects in Finland and Iceland, and has performed e. g. in Reykjavik Dance Festival, several Iceland University of the Arts graduation projects, and European Film Awards.


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Eskukselle esittävien taiteiden valtionpalkinto

Taiteen edistämiskeskuksen esittävien taiteiden toimikunta on myöntänyt Eskukselle esittävien taiteiden valtionpalkinnon ”tunnustuksena merkittävästä asemasta esitystaiteen toimijoiden tukijana ja mahdollistajana”. Myöntökriteereissä todetaan myös,

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